Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Canada EH!  I loved Vancouver.  Great skating, good people, free healthcare, super beautiful, there is water and bridges and the place is surrounded by mountains, the girls were hot as could be, there was a lot to do, weed was cheap and easily accessible, however, alcohol was pricey.  Bottled six packs were in the $20- $25 range.  When I think canada i think about a bunch of old dudes talking hockey around an ice hole fishing and drinking shit loads of cheap Canadian beer.  Now when I think of Canada I think of a bunch of dudes sitting around an ice hole, fishing and talking about how they pissed themselves in America because the drank too much for really cheap.  

Hanging in our Vancouver hostel shit hole.  We had a ton of expensive shit in the room and the balcony where everyone at the hostel smoked and drank was right outside the window to our room.  a window without a lock on it, sketchy.  we fashioned a lock out of a hook we and some scrap we found on the window sill.  It worked enough to keep our shit and this is photo was taken after a night of attempted partying.  Vancouver, BC 2009
This is the smoking stoop, right down from this window and down the alley is a door where you can ring a buzzer and get greeted by a bouncer, judged, then if you are worthy, they sell you herb.  totally sketchy, totally worth it.

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