Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We came back to the states early due to rain and also money issues.  We all made the choice to live like kings for the remaining days back in the US, as opposed to living like not kings in Canada... it all came down to beer and strippers, so we road tripped back to SEATTLE.  John Q let us crash his pad in the rainy city despite a cookie crumb incident that Orrin, John and myself dreamt up days earlier.  Seattle was good, we skated a bit at a park located directly under the Space Needle.  No photos however because it was profest 2009.  David Gravette and pals were killing this park... so hard.  It wouldn't have cool to get in their way to get a scratch on the deep end when they were blasting out of it.  I did however get some night shots once the rain cleared.  The first is in front of John Q's house.  Anthony is both posed and partied out in this pic.  
This giant troll is under a bridge in Seattle about 3 blocks from Q's house.  It was a city project to keep bums and tweakers from raping people under a bridge without a troll.  

MANHANDS... bitch!

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