Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Skateboarding is life and life is good. Rainy days bring great mini ramp sessions, and a simple addition to the mini creates a variety of ways to hurt ourselves. March Madness Baby!

Seaside, OR skatepark is super fun. It's steep and the corners are tight, the only negative is every evening the fog rolls in and mists the park creating a black ice effect. Unhithered by the moisture, we were still able to crack off a few bangers. nose blunt photography by orrin davis.

Mike Kearney handeling shit, boosting backside at Andrew's ramp. Happy drunken skateboarding!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


so these are my first watercolors. they are still pretty much works in progress, but im pretty hyped on watercolor. its fairly easy and super quick. the sketches are just a few from the ol sketch book. hopefully i have some more up soon.....PEACE!


Kings Canyon National Park. AKA Sequoia National Park. AKA amazing. i saw these monsters a long time ago when i was a kid, but didn't remember much. these trees are no joke. 300+ feet tall easy. very impresive... and so was the drive out of the canyon at night overlooking the King's river under a full moon.