Saturday, May 2, 2009


anthony, mike, and i skated a pool in Salem, OR. Oregon's state capital for those of you who didn't know, and this pool was steep and fast and awesome. a certified widow maker.   i also ate at Mcdonalds and Dairy Queen today and feel like shit because of it, when you are on the road you have to make sacrifices, and you have to ask yourself  is it all worth it...and this pool was worth it.

Friday, May 1, 2009


a couple of photos from a trip to skate hood river skatepark. we stopped off at a spot to watch the sunset over the columbia and grab a few photos. just another day in paradise.  



hood river is my new favorite park. creative as hell. gaps over creeks, wallrides, sidewalk paths with bumps and hips and lots of pumps, but best of all, very few bastard children.  once again team murder showing you how its done. holla


these are my boys. ruckus and meatball. best cats ever!!!


just another day at the beach.... after getting kicked out of the skatepark for skating without a helmet. eat shit cannon beach. good thing perro came through with the botchy ball. 


we went fishing at a spot off the columbia river right near the cascade locks. it was awesome considering i went straight from skating to fishing, however i was more of a cheerleader than a fisherman this night. orrin and anthony both caught 3 fish each, and i got skunked. the fish must have known i was fishing without a permit. either way i got the award for being the master baiter. there was also a run in with the fuzz on this epic night. the pig rolled up acting nice... acting like he was just bored, just needed someone to bullshit with to kill some time, fucking liar. he flipped from talking about using snails as bait and using a lantern to attract fish to "wheres the marijuana boys." he got nothing... and to make things better anthony landed the biggest fish of the night while we were getting harassed. eat shit pig.. and p.s. we were high.  


johnny 5 and i went to seattle to film a video for several hospitals in the seattle area, and after the shoot... we met up with orrin e-she-e and Q and  skated seattle.  i love seattle! minus the rain, this town is great and the locals were fun to skate with. some old mexican guy rolled through with a cone and got the sesh hyped. the guy reminded me of adog, only this little guy could nollie the cone, and who knew that Q had this much pop. no joke....