Friday, May 1, 2009


we went fishing at a spot off the columbia river right near the cascade locks. it was awesome considering i went straight from skating to fishing, however i was more of a cheerleader than a fisherman this night. orrin and anthony both caught 3 fish each, and i got skunked. the fish must have known i was fishing without a permit. either way i got the award for being the master baiter. there was also a run in with the fuzz on this epic night. the pig rolled up acting nice... acting like he was just bored, just needed someone to bullshit with to kill some time, fucking liar. he flipped from talking about using snails as bait and using a lantern to attract fish to "wheres the marijuana boys." he got nothing... and to make things better anthony landed the biggest fish of the night while we were getting harassed. eat shit pig.. and p.s. we were high.  

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