Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Bear country.  Squamish is the extreme sports capital of the world.  when you are there, you get it.  British Columbia is an amazing place,  extreme terrain.  extreme mushrooms.
these beautiful and most likely deadly mushrooms were the size of softballs and they were littered across the forest floor.
the town of Squamish sits directly below this several thousand foot cliff face, it is absolutely breathtaking.

the clouds are constantly moving and evaporating and reforming along the steep mountain crevasses.  It was relaxing just watching the clouds, you could tell that the weather in these parts can be very unpredictable and quite dangerous at times.  This town makes you seem small and the wilderness here is one to be respected.  I've never until now been scared about camping amidst the bears, not so much scared, more like aware.  ignorance is bliss.   

drinking wine in the cold rain isn't so bad.  Jerry treated himself to a $20 flask of cheap Canadian whiskey only to have it spilt shortly after opening.  needless to say none was wasted, whiskey that you slurp directly off the table burns a bit more on the way down than when drink properly, but gets you equally as pissed.  Squamish, BC 2009  
Jerry, Anthony John, Zach

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