Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So a wonderful tourist guide/map led us to Lopez Island, an island about 20 minutes from Orcas and easily accessible by ferry boat.  This guide informs us of a descent sounding skatepark on Lopez Island, the guide states "come shred the concrete curves of the 12,000 sq.ft skatepark located on Lopez Island."  LIARS.  The park we ended up skating was a basketball court with (2) portable 4 foot quarter pipes, a super sketchy rusted out up, across, and down box, and a really good funbox that was about 12 feet long and some other funbox that was built with small nails, so it wobbled a bit.... alot.  We all made the best of it and skated for several hours, there was some bitching,  but a couple of  bangers were thrown down and we left stoked.  Also Orrin found some Jones sodas at a bench and was stoked and Jerry and I boardslid two flatbars lined up one after another.  Jerry's was to fakie... so sick.

This was on the beach about 50 feet from where our deserted campsite was located.  I took this photo at about midnight.  another beautiful night.
Lopez Island 2009, huddling around the campfire, about to hit the hay.
Anthony posted up enjoying the early morning boat ride.  


  1. I just came across your killer pictures of the orcas Island skatepark and was wondering if I could use a couple of them on my website about the San Juan Islands. My site is www.thesanjuans.com. I also think your rope swing photos would make a great addition to my page on Moran State Park. Of course I would link back to your blog wherever I used the images. Thanks for considering the idea.

  2. Hello, this is wes again.. did you receive my last comment on this page with regards to the photos?